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Vince Farquharson
Development Director

Vince is responsible for the design and production of products for Synaptic Soup. He was one of the company's founding members and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of game development within the company.

Over his years in the industry Vince has built, managed and motivated a number of strong and successful development teams. He has been involved at all levels of game development from business policy to level design; this experience of designing and producing ambitious, high profile titles has seen him working with some of the industries biggest names.

Previously he held the position of Senior Producer at Computer Artworks and was in charge of their internal development teams. He was the Producer and Lead Designer of Evolva and the recently announced The Thing. He was also Producer of the acclaimed 3D screen saver Organic Art Deluxe.

Prior to his move to Computer Artworks he worked as a Designer and Level Designer for Bullfrog Productions where he was involved in many of their high profile titles, including Syndicate Wars, Magic Carpet 2, and Dungeon Keeper.


Rik Heywood
Technical Director

Rik is responsible for the design and implementation of technology for Synaptic Soup. He was one of the company's founding members and is chiefly responsible for developing Cipher, Synaptic Soup's multi-format game engine, as well as overseeing all software development within the company.

He has extensive experience in the design and implementation of gaming technology, having built several game engines and gaming libraries from scratch during his time in the industry. He also has the management expertise gained from motivating and managing programming teams to deliver high quality software to aggressive deadlines.

Prior to founding Synaptic Soup he was Lead Programmer at Computer Artworks, Senior Programmer at The Digital Village (Douglas Adams' game and on-line company), R&D and Libraries Programmer at Bullfrog Productions and Senior Programmer at Xara, the graphics tools company.

During his time in the games industry he has made contributions to many titles, including Evolva, Starship Titanic, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, Populous III, Syndicate Wars and Gene Wars.

Rik maintains a web site that discusses developing software and games at


Karl Wickens
Art Director

Karl is responsible for the design and implementation of art content for Synaptic Soup. He was one of the company's founding members and is responsible for overseeing all of Synaptic Soup's aesthetic output.

Having spent many years running a highly regarded art team on numerous projects he brings with him a rare breadth of knowledge. With considerable experience of both technical and creative art direction he is ideally equipped to drive all aspects of visual content creation.

He previously held the position of Lead Artist at Computer Artworks. His responsibilities whilst there included overseeing the in-house art team and creating the now renowned Evolva aesthetic. He was also lead artist on The Thing. Additionally he worked on the company's still images and Organic Art projects; and was responsible for many of their memorable scenes and images.


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